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Hardwood Floor Refinishing: Tips to helping pick the perfect wood stain.

February 14, 2024
Install Hardwood & Sand & Stain - Color: Country White (2 of 4)

As a New Jersey flooring company, we know how to handle pressure... but when a client has to pick a stain on game day, it is basically like being at the Superbowl in the 4th quarter with the score tied and 2 minutes left!

Anxious is an understatement!!

Our clients start sweating, pacing, some even calling a lifeline.... Many have even asked us to just pick the one we like best (which we never do ha ha). So, we thought we would help by listing some of the suggestion that help our clients pick the right stain!

Here are some helpful tips when picking the right stain color during your next flooring project:

  1. Make sure your spouse is present (now that, that's out of the way)
  2. Understanding the color of your walls or having samples helps
  3. Look at the stain from different angles, in different light. Natural light is important!
  4. Take a picture with your phone as a picture is worth a 1000 words.
  5. When matching treads that are different wood than your flooring, you should ask for a double stain grid (Fun Fact: In NJ we have many homes with pine stair treads and oak floors! Different wood types show different accents to stains because of oils)
  6. Most importantly, remember this, once you pick your stain and go down the NJ turnpike to go to work, once your return home. The color you choose will be your favorite, because the grid will be gone and all you will see is your beautiful new floors!

So Happy Picking!! and enjoy your new floors!